The 2019 Cinéfondation Selection of the 72nd Festival de Cannes
Short stop-motion film directed and animated by Leszek Mozga

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Trailer 2018

Roadkill is a stop-motion animated thriller. In the world where deer are the dominant species, one alpha male goes for an evening car ride and has an unfortunate car accident.
Making of

About the Director
Leszek Mozga is screenwriter, editor and director, animator known for directing such films as 
"Don McCullin - Mind of an artist" and "Roadkill 

He has worked in many forms, from traditional hand-drawn and stop-motion to digital work 3D and motion capture projects. He has explored animation individually in film and digital forms along with its integration into an installation. 
Leszek Mozga was born on July 28, 1983, in Lódz, Poland. He graduated from XVIII LO in Lodz 2001 where he discovered his passion for film and theatre. In 2005 Leszek moved to London, UK where he worked for several years as Animator and Graphic Designer. In 2019 he graduated with Master of Arts in Animation from London College of Communication. 
His debut short charcoal animated film "Don McCullin - Mind of an Artist" has made an official selection of 17 small film festivals and received 3 awards, including FilmOneFest Julie Gartenberg Memorial Award for Promising New Talent Award.
His graduation short stop-motion animated 2019 film "Roadkill" will have its premiere at Cannes Festival in Cinefondation Selection student competition. 
Leszek currently lives in South London, where he began work on his next film "Don't weather the storm" (working title) 
Director: Leszek Mozga
Script:  Leszek Mozga
Animator: Leszek Mozga
Music: Marshall Smith
Doe Voice: Anna Mason / Alicja Mozga
Deer Voice: Leszek Mozga
Art Direction: Leszek Mozga / Alicja Mozga
Editor: Leszek Mozga
Puppet Design: Alicja Mozga
Sound Mixing: Leszek Mozga
Sound Technician: Stefano Luongo
Costume Design Barbara Mozga
Set Design: Leszek Mozga
Set Fabrication:
 Barbara Mozga Leszek Mozga snr /  Amelia Dąbek, Alicja Mozga
Foley Artist: Hongyo Lin / Stefano Luongo
Technical Advice: Magdalena Bieszczak / Francesca Berlingieri Maxwell
Technical help: Krzysztof Boberek / Radosław Lewandowski /Marcin Pawełek​​​​​​​

Roadkill Screener
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